DeCrypti is a Blockchain Consulting company specializing in cryptographically secured data storage solutions.  We exclusively accept Cryptocurrencies as compensation for our consulting and business operations endeavors.

The pure operations arm of DeCrypti focuses on testing and hosting Blockchain related projects in suitable regions by natural fit.  Node software like DPOS, Masternodes, Supernodes, Systemnodes, and the like are an operations specialty, especially in a dense environment.

Our investment division locates the best and brightest to foster the creation of their vision for presentation to the marketplace.  Coupled with both experience and foresight, we’ve found our stride in locating and supporting the real innovators of the Blockchain industry.

DeCrypti has decades of experience working in production environments ranging from Mainframe and raised floor Data Center, to Caged Hosting, co-location, to branch office IT networking and all points in-between.   Additional experience and focus over the years has been IT Helpdesk, Change Management, Release Management, and Project Management.

The company was founded by Alan Dubla, a veteran of the IT industry.  Alan started programming at a young age in the early 1980’s and has been involved in most aspects of the computer technology field since then.  Having traveled extensively implementing technology for Fortune 500 companies in his younger years, Alan now enjoys working on unique and interesting projects as well as advancing Blockchain and OpenSource technologies.